Stump Grinding

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Call professionals when you want a stump removed safely. This can be a dangerous job. At tri-city, we have removed hundreds of stumps. We have the proper tools and expertise to do the job quickly, safely and properly. Stumps left unremoved can be unsightly, even hazardous.

We offer excellent customer service. Check out some of the feedback we have received from customers in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the rest of the Waterloo Region. We can provide an easy estimate.

Why remove a tree stump?

There are a lot of disadvantages to leaving a tree stump in your yard:

  • It can be an unsafe hazard that you, your children or guests can trip over or incur other harm from.
  • Tree stumps can cause damage to your lawnmower, and other lawn and garden implements.
  • Unsightly tree stumps take away from your landscaping and the hard work you have put into the appearance of your yard.
  • Rotting tree stumps attract termites, carpenter ants and other unwanted pests. Larger stumps with decayed parts can attract bigger pests including skunks and other creatures looking for a nesting spot.
  • Dead tree root removal is a beneficial by-product of stump removal and grinding; roots can continue to grow even after the tree has been cut down and can cause inadvertent property damage.
  • The stump takes up space you could otherwise use for more aesthetically pleasing landscaping such as lawn, gardening, etc.

Professional equipment

We have a variety of professional tools and equipment to do the job properly. We get it done fast and right. We are often called in to finish jobs that have been started by people without the right equipment to carry out tree removal properly. Urban tree removal can even require specialised equipment that would not be familiar to people in traditional professional forestry services.

Why get a professional to remove your stump?

At Tri-city Tree Service, we have all top-of-the-line, proper professional equipment and machinery, including a stump grinder, specialised stump and root removal tools, as well as saws and safety equipment.

We clean up all the mulch the way you want it cleaned up – either removed completely or left for your use if you so desire.

We get rid of your stump safely, with no risk to you or any of your family members, pets, etc. It's a no-mess, no-fuss solution.

We remove the stump no matter what the conditions: tight spaces, proximity to buildings or property, etc. Whatever conditions there are, we have experience professional dealing with them.

We use no chemicals or other harmful by-products and you'll never need to bother with such toxic intervention in the future. We provide a safe, ecological solution to your stump problem.

Don't damage your property further or hurt yourself (or worse). Don't waste time doing it the wrong way. When you're "really stumped" call Tri-city Tree Service! We offer reasonable pricing, same-day service (conditions permitting) and quick, accurate estimates.

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