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24 Hour Emergency Response

We offer 24 hour emergency storm damage response. If you need a tree removed right away and want someone experienced you can trust, give us a call! We will respond, assess the situation and then deal with it in the safest and most efficient manner.

Learn more about our severe weather and storm cleanup.

Tree Removal

We are experts in the safe removal of large hazardous trees. This work is very dangerous requiring a high degree of skill and precision. We employ state of the art rigging techniques and are qualified and trained in order to safely remove trees from close quarters. We follow strict safety practices to ensure a successful job. For your protection we are fully insured.

Learn more about tree removal in KW and Cambridge.

Stump Grinding

Tri City Tree Service is now happy to offer stump grinding services. If you have a stump that needs removing we can grind it out and take the grindings away, or leave the grindings so that you can use them for mulch.

Learn more about the benefits of our stump grinding and removal services.

Deep Root Tree Fertilization

  • Reduces soil compaction: Loosens the soil around the tree allowing the tree roots to breathe more easily
  • Provides effective soil aeration: The roots have easy access to water and nutrients that are essential for growth
  • Promotes root growth which increases the health and stability of your trees.

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Crown Cleaning - The removal of deadwood & any diseased or broken branches.

Crown Raising - The removal of lower branches from the crown of a tree, usually done to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings or lines of site.

Crown Thinning - Crown thinning is the selective removal of stems and branches to increase light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of a tree.

We offer special daily rates for large properties that require lots of pruning* (golf courses, schools, churches, etc...).

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Lot Clearing

We will work efficiently to remove all of your problematic, dangerous or unwanted trees and to get your lot completely clear, clean and ready for whatever is ahead.

Tree Planting

We can help you select the best possible type of tree given the local site conditions. We can select quality replacement trees, plant them properly, and provide an ongoing care program to ensure success. (We currently only plant smaller trees)

Just a few of the tree services we offer to clients throughout Kitchener-Waterloo amd Cambridge.

24H Emergency Response

We offer immediate 24h response service to emend emergency situations.

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Our experienced and highly-trained staff are fully equipped to respond.

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Tri-City Tree Service provides full service tree removal, tree planting, pruning and severe weather cleanup.

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Tri-City Tree Service is fully insured and a member of the International Society of Arboriculture.