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D Kovacs

Unfortunately the tree had to go and, OK, I was a little nervous. This 36” diameter beast was only 18” away from my custom-built garden shed, 4' from the neighbour's flowered yard and 6' from our back garden with significant branches hanging over each. Something just had to get hurt when taking it down, right? Nope, didn't happen. Watching Pat and his crew for a few minutes left me in awe wondering just where in the world a person could get the range of knowledge necessary to carefully estimate the leverage, length and weight of each limb, then determine which to take first, AND gently lower it to an area where it could be trimmed to manageable size before chipping. As they methodically disassembled my 60 some-odd-year-old maple, I grew much more relaxed and wished my travelling spouse has been there to also share the ingenuity taking place in our yard. Professional? You bet! Tri-City was there, as promised, on the day they said they would be. They not only handled the tree but cleaned up the sawdust and took away everything. Looking around the yard afterwards, about the only thing out of place was a missing tree. One small shrub had to be moved out of harm’s way during the work but the boys replanted it exactly where it had been originally. And, though I didn't want to make things any more difficult for the crew, my driveway is a permeable paver-type and I was advised heavy trucks would likely cause damage – Pat and the guys were ultra accommodating and left the chipper and truck on the street at the foot of the drive. Thanks Pat, and to your crew also. I know whom I will trust with my next possible or impossible tree job!

L & J Brum

Tri-city did an amazing job saving us from a neighbour's tree. During a storm, several branches up to 18" diameter broke off the 50+ year old silver maple into our yard causing considerable damage and mess that we cleaned up and had repaired. We did not want it happening again; storms seem to be stronger and it's an old tree. Anything overhanging our yard is our responsibility according to the city. We called for an assessment on cutting the rest of the overhang and were pleased with Patrick's responsiveness, knowledge and quote. Our neighbour decided not to cut down what is in their yard. Tri-city needed access to both yards to do the work. They respected both properties during the procedure. The cuts from were still significant but the results eliminated any potential tree fall into our yard while leaving enough tree on the other side. The crew was very professional and worked like a true team - and work hard they did until the job was done. They cleaned up so well you would not have known they were there except for the brighter, bigger-feeling yard we now have. Thank you again! July, 2014

M Huang

Pat and his team were very professional and did a great job. They also did an awesome clean up job. I highly recommend their tree services and will definitely seek their services for our next tree pruning needs.

J Watson

Highly recommended! These are good guys who do an amazing job and at very reasonable rates. It was so neat to see them take down our tree, and with such accuracy and professionalism. Friendly disposition and great customer service. You won't be disappointed!

R Stupica

Pat and his crew are great to work with, they are professional, and very easy going. They did a great job at removing my large, half dead maple tree in my front yard. They had a few obstacles in their way, Hydro line's, cable line's, phone line's, all on 2 side's, plus the closeness to our house and roof on the 3rd side. They had limited space, but did it all with extreme caution and it was wonderful to watch. I will recommend Tri-city Tree Service to everyone I know, and I already have :) Great job guy's, I know who I'm going to call when I need other things done.

T VanWinkle

Very professional, friendly and will answer any questions honestly. They do a fantastic job on time and clean up just as quickly. Can't go wrong with Pat and his company.

Pat D

We have had 2 large trees removed with this company. Replied to our inquiry same day. Excellent service. Very efficient, made suggestions. Would recommend for price and speedy efficient service.

S Strathmor

We had Tri-city Tree out yesterday to take down a massive tree in our back yard. The guys worked extremely well together. They were very skilled at rigging down the branches and they did a very good clean up. Thanks a lot for the great job! We will Definitely have you back to trim the rest of our trees.

N Kennelly

Pat did a great job for us. Removed one of the biggest trees in our town from a real tight spot. These guys are amazing at what they do.

A Munroe

Hi Pat,

I just wanted to thank you for trimming our maple trees and let you know that you did a great job!!

The trees are shaped really nice. Please put us on your list to trim these trees every year.

K Beechey

Thank you very much for the great service on pruning the trees last week. Its going to give us more light around the house, better air circulation for the cedar roof and keep squirrels off the roof.

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