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Our tree care services enhance the health of trees on your lot and help protect your property and minimize damage from wind and storms.

Crown Cleaning is sensible tree care that will ensure that your property is as safe and protected from hazard as possible. Dead wood and weakened branches are a property hazard that can cause property damage, injury and even insurance claims or worse. Proper tree care is good sense, wise and can even be good business.

Pruning is an ideal way of caring for a tree to help it grow exactly to your requirements. If you want your trees to grow lush, healthy, strong and resistant to damage from storms, wind and other natural hazards, prune them regularly and have it done by professionals.

Lot clearing by our professionally trained team will remove all of your problematic, dangerous or unwanted trees and to get your lot completely clear, clean and ready for whatever is ahead.

Tree Planting services by our professional arborists provide you with the best possible type of tree, given the local site conditions. We select quality replacement trees, plant them expertly, and provide an ongoing care program to ensure success. (We currently only plant smaller trees.)

These are just a few of the ongoing tree maintenance and arborial services we offer. If you have business that requires specilaized maintenance of a number of trees, we offer special rates for large properties that require regular pruning* (golf courses, schools, churches, etc...)

You can be sure it's done properly by ISA Certified Arborists who are knowledgeable and experienced in complete tree care. Call today.

Our other services: tree removal | storm cleanup | deep root fertilization | stump grinding

24H Emergency Response

We offer immediate 24h response service to emend emergency situations.

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Our experienced and highly-trained staff are fully equipped to respond.

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Tri-City Tree Service provides full service tree removal, tree planting, pruning and severe weather cleanup.

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Tri-City Tree Service is fully insured and a member of the International Society of Arboriculture.