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Tree removal in urban areas like Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph and Cambridge comes with many special considerations. Most often, it is work best left to experts. There are several reasons for this.

Falling limbs can damage property unnecessarily.

Tri-City Tree Services helps prevent falling limbs from damaging nearby structures and other property. Untrained individuals should not attempt this; this work requires expertly trained tree service technicians. When you watch professionals like the team at Tri-City Tree Service, you see the difference that training and professional equipment makes. We are able to remove trees out of close locations and avoid damage during the process.

Professional equipment.

We have a variety of professional tools and equipment to do the job properly. We get it done fast and right. We are often called in to finish jobs that have been started by people without the right equipment to carry out tree removal properly. Urban tree removal can even require specialised equipment that would not be familiar to people in traditional professional forestry services.

Avoid severe injury.

Tree and branch removal is very dangerous work. Even the most highly trained experts have suffered severe injury in accidents during removal. This is work best done by professionals. Misunderstanding of the risks involved or dangers related to any removal can result in increased costs, unnecessary property damage or severe injury.

Do it the right way. Call a professional.

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Tri-City Tree Service provides full service tree removal, tree planting, pruning and severe weather cleanup.

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