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The Benefits of Professional Tree Services

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"They had limited space, but did it all with extreme caution and it was wonderful to watch."
-- R. Stupica, Tri-city Tree Services satisfied customer.

Why call in the professionals?

It's tempting for homeowners and business owners to try and save money and do it yourself when it comes to tree maintenance, trimming, pruning, etc. We always recommend that you have the job done professionally, though. Working with equipment like chainsaws, axes, grinders, etc., is dangerous. You can hurt yourself, you can damage property, you can end up doing the job wrong. Professionally trained, certified professionals Pat Maloney and Tri-city Tree Service relieve you of liability, stress, and undue harm.

Potential injuries in DIY projects

Every year, an estimated that 2,000 to 4,000 injuries require medical treatment in Canada, incurred by the improper use of axes, saws, grinders and other equipment. You can be struck by stray, falling branches or be cut by improper tools. There are bees and other pests that can bite and sting you. Falls can break bones and cause long term or permanent damage. Eye injuries are an unfortunate possibility. Worst case scenarios include amputation and electrocution... serious (sometimes fatal) injuries that are not worth it!

Professional tree service operators have the proper tools and training and (more importantly) all the proper safety equipment – usually a last consideration for do-it-yourselfers.

Property Damage

Failure to properly fell trees and branches, improper equipment usage and lack of proper training are just a few things that can contribute to property damage. Serious harm can occur, including severe roof damage, window breakage or worse (the list of potential harm is limitless). You can find yourself incurring many added costs if you try do-it-yourself tree service. Unnecessary property damage only adds to your troubles.

It's worth it to call in certified, trained professionals who do the job properly and avoid property damage.

Legal liabilities

If a neighbour complains about your decaying trees and you do not follow through you may be legally liable for future damage. In Hayes v. Davis, a case in British Columbia in 1991, Davis was successfully sued by Mrs. Hayes for $65,000; she had asked him to clean up trees that later damaged her property and caused her personal injury. If someone complains about your trees you may be legally bound to follow up. It's not worth it to put it off!

Call professionals like Tri-city to clean up your trees properly.

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